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  1. 16 Dec '06 04:29 / 5 edits
    I thought it'd be fun too see everyone's longest games where they made like over 15 moves and hadn't even made an exchange, at all. Is this common to happen in games? Where 20 moves or so are made without a trade?
    Most people i've played seem too like to trade pretty fast.

    -- Paul (Pavlo87)

    Pavlo87 vs. dirkie86 (16 moves)
    Game 2679243

    Pavlo87 vs. boruta (15 moves)
    Game 2875085

    Pavlo87 vs. cootzy (15 moves)
    Game 2715949

    Pavlo87 vs. jewroo (15 moves)
    Game 2672355
  2. Standard member Yuga
    16 Dec '06 05:18 / 2 edits
    Game 2281320

    My first pawn recapture was on move 18; the first piece exchange occurred on move 22. 17. Kxe4 looked aesthetically appealing, but possibly suicidal; the played move led to much simpler lines, and was very likely better. Yes, 12...Qh3+? followed by 13. Qg2+?? was shocking but he had a lot more play for the Queen than I expected.

    (I resigned this game due to having too many games at the time.)
  3. Standard member Yuga
    16 Dec '06 05:33 / 2 edits
    An early exchange is far less common in closed setups, as in the Dutch, or in some KID setups - in the KID, provided that white pushes d5 after Black's central pawn thrust.

    Game 2245431 (22 moves QID)

    Thanks to RHP openings explorer, I was able to find this one.
    Game 865460 (21 moves KID)