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  1. 02 Jan '12 14:22
    Played on December 31st at Hastings.
    A very nice way to play your last game of 2011.
    A real toe to toe slugfest.

    Skip to move 30 and then single step each move.
    White is winning, no Black is winning, No it's White..It's Black...wait a minute....

    Franklin - Willaims 2011 Hastings Masters Round 4

  2. 02 Jan '12 14:32 / 2 edits
    Interesting game - please humour a question from a novice 🙂

    Why did black not play Qe2 on move 34? Was it something to do with the white pawn lurking near the final rank?

    EDIT: Disregard question, it's mate in one unless white is put in check in next move.