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Posers and Puzzles

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    30 May '02
    03 Feb '04 21:12
    Something I was inspired to write recently after a hot date :-)

    108 Thoughts of Love for You

    Buddhists use 108 beads on a string to help them count mantras while heading for Love Consciousness. Attaining a state of Love Consciousness is also very important to me, so I figured I would write 108 thoughts of love just for you, because you really inspire me…

    There is a smile growing deep inside of me, and I feel it each time I think of you.
    Know that you are Love and that I am your mirror…

    I love that we met by chance in a nightclub playing psychedelic trance.
    I love that I was drawn to your light, and that I had the confidence to approach you.
    I love that you smiled nervously when we met, and that you held my inquisitive eye contact.
    I love that you responded warmly to my conversation attempts.
    I love that you gave me your cell phone number and email address when I asked.
    I love that you appreciated my personal poems that I shared with you.
    I love that you accepted my wishful invitation for cocktails and diner.
    I love that you enflamed my consciousness with hope in the highest degree.
    I love the way I looked forward to seeing you again!

    In a kewl cocktail bar with you, at last we meet again after so much desire.
    I love that you offered me a taste of your cocktail, and that you also sipped from my cup.
    I love that you wore a tight black dress with a flash of heavenly cleavage to stir up the imagination.
    I love that you were right there with me, and not on your cell phone half the time.
    I love that your voice was so softly spoken and that you listened so intently.
    I love that you smiled so often at the funny parts and laughed at the silly bits.
    I love that we enjoyed drinking cocktails while the world spun round and away.

    In an intimate restaurant with you, a burning candle on the table between our flirting eyes.
    I love that you decided to order for me, and especially how comfortable I felt with that.
    Our knees are gently touching under the table, and nervous warmth envelops us both in a bubble.
    I love that we were so engrossed in conversation that we forgot that we should order food.
    I love to watch, with imagination, the slow movement of your jaw and lips while you are eating.
    I love that you flick your long hair over your shoulder, and the way your face softens in the process.
    I love that we could share a bottle of red wine and let the moment become our universe.

    In a funky beat bar with you, we spontaneously dance for three hours on our first date.
    I love to watch your trance dance, its so hypnotising to my infatuated eyes.
    I love that you talk to strangers, and that you share a friendly dance with some kindred soul.
    I love that I don’t feel jealous, possessive or insecure about your open heart.
    I love the way you passionately kiss me after we’ve had three tequila shooters.
    I love that we could loose control together and dance at each other with childish grins.

    I love that the drive back to your house was a blur of kisses and laughter.
    I love that we cannot remember exactly how we got home that night.
    In bed with you at last, I love how your arms held me while you were falling asleep.
    I love that we were able to cuddle like familiar lovers so easily without awkwardness.
    I love those moments when you almost surfaced from sleep and reached for me to hug you closer.

    I love that you woke me in the morning while I was dreaming of you.
    I love that we spent the morning kissing, cuddling and snoozing in a happy haze.
    I love that we gave each other ecstasy in the form of mouth watering back massages.
    I love that we were playful and did some yoga together before laughing at ourselves.
    I love that we sat and stared at each other for minutes with a word being said.
    I love that we connected at a deep spiritual level that we did not even understand.
    I love that we felt something strange, unusual and beautiful was happening between us.
    I love that you were so comfortable with my new touch caressing you.
    I love that you tasted so delicious and had such softness in your eyes.
    I love that your eyes misted over between green and blue as your feelings rushed through.
    I love that we able to make love with our hearts without needing to disrobe.

    I love that there are mornings when I wake up with a subtle sense of you.
    I love that one night I dreamt of your presence as a sea of universal love energy.
    I love that I can hear your sensual voice in my head without trying to.
    I love that you just pop into my mind sometimes, unexpectedly, and I grin privately.
    I love that your unique sexy smell stays on me long after I have left you.
    I love that you inspired me to write this poem, and that it came out so easily.
    I love that I feel like singing you a song, even though I have never been a singer.
    I love that your favourite colour is to be found in a candle’s flame.
    I love that I am falling in love with you, yet that I am not out of love without you.

    I love that this poem does not have to be 108 lines long to express my message to you.
    I love that I don’t know exactly how you feel about me, yet I am at peace with writing this.
    I love that our future is unknown and that all we ever have is this precious moment.
    I love that you are such a mirror to so many good things within my soul.
    I love that I feel this way about you. I love that I feel this way about me. I love that I am.
    I love all that we are, and all that we could be, even if it were only for a moment in a daydream.

    Regardless of how our relationship develops, right now I know that I would fill both our minds with Love Consciousness, cause that seems like a good starting point to the rest of our lives wherever they may lead. When you feel the joy inside of your heart, after reading these words, remember that it’s always been part of you and you are just choosing to gaze upon it now, by virtue of my heart’s humble mirror. This inner radiance within you, that hopefully you sense right now, has always been there cause you are love, and you are beautiful, and complete in yourself, and you don’t need any lovers to remind you of what love is, all you need do is know yourself and you will feel that love always…

    Love and Light and lots of kisses
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    Mystic Meg
    27 Mar '03
    05 Feb '04 02:061 edit
    You wrote that After a hot date? You write that stuff to Get a hot date!

    Have a good one!