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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 18 May '04 04:54
    I just need help on puzzle 1, 6, 8.I have solved all the others. If anyone has played it please help.
  2. Standard member TheMaster37
    19 May '04 09:42
    What are the puzzles?
  3. 20 May '04 04:41
    Originally posted by TheMaster37
    What are the puzzles?
    The cartoon figures might seem a little childish, but as you go through
    ,it isn't at all. If you like myths, detective work and the stone circle in England. You'll really like this game.
  4. Standard member TheMaster37
    26 May '04 14:11
    Ok, i finished 1, 2, 3 and 8. In a while i'll have finished the others as well. Where exactly are you stuck?
  5. 27 May '04 05:03
    Wow! You are a genius!
    On 1, how does Prescott get in the warehouse?
    On 6, what do you do with the grandfather clock?
    On 8, how do you solve the riddle?
  6. Standard member TheMaster37
    27 May '04 13:12
    1: I take it you've tried the main door, wich is locked. And presumably you've tried the sewer as well, wich is too tight to open with your bare hands. Have you tried going under the bridge...maybe you can enter through the water...?

    8: Uhm...the 6 line verse you mean? These are part of a bigger puzzle, what have you done so far in the episode?
  7. Standard member TheMaster37
    28 May '04 18:14
    Is it me or does episode 5 not work? I cleared the rest.

    The gandfather's clock...did you get the tiara? You should try putting it on on various places...
  8. 01 Jun '04 04:56
    Thanks for 1 and 6.
    as for 5, go through the artifacts of the museum. find black objects shaped like slices of water melon.
  9. Standard member TheMaster37
    01 Jun '04 10:44
    Heh, what i meant was that the episode woul;dn't load for me. I did get it now. A bit of a short episode don't you tihnk?
  10. 02 Jun '04 05:09
    So how long did you figure everything out? I am curious.