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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. Standard member mikelom
    20 Aug '11 11:22
    At a little market auction in England, there's a gold ring and a jewellery box with a silver lid and they are on sale for 200 pounds. The jewellery box is priced at 190 pounds more than the ring.

    What's the ring worth?
  2. 20 Aug '11 11:56
    5 pounds
  3. Subscriber joe shmo On Vacation
    Strange Egg
    20 Aug '11 14:17
    Originally posted by smartarin
    5 pounds
    I concur.
  4. Standard member mikelom
    21 Aug '11 07:14
    Too easy
  5. 21 Aug '11 16:48
    Originally posted by mikelom
    Too easy
    Well, you could say it wasn't priced what it was worth.
  6. Standard member TomCr
    04 Sep '11 02:01
    Am I missing something?
    It is implied, though not entirely clear, whether the jewelry box with the silver lid is one item, or two. If it is one item, then the ring is worth 10 pounds, as 190 + x + 200, and x is 10. If the jewelry box and the silver lid are two separate items, it is not clear what the ring of the silver lid are worth, as there is one equation with two variables x + y + 190 = 200. If there were two rings of equal value, than each ring would be worth 5 pounds...
    Than, of course, as another mentioned, there is the issue that it is often the case, especially at auctions, that a package deal contains a discount on the individual pieces, so in this scenario, the value of the ring would be impossible to exactly determine, though perhaps it could be approximated.