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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

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    Originally posted by Mephisto2
  4. 23 Apr '05 15:13
    I don't see black making progress. The black rook is tied to the a-file (or has to go back to it after Rh8+ Kg3). Black's attempt to play Kg6 leads to Rxa3 Rax3 stalemate.
  5. 23 Apr '05 18:26
    how about 1... Kf7
    2.Kg3 Ra5
    3.Kf3 Kg6
    4.Kf4 Ra4+
    5.Kf3 Kxg5 etc
  6. Standard member GalaxyShield
    Mr. Shield
    23 Apr '05 23:07
    Would Kg6 work? White has to move something and can only move his rook to a few places. After white moves the rook down (right?) black pushes the pawn and white has to move the king a way and the black bishop can penitrate a bit more.

  7. 24 Apr '05 04:58 / 1 edit
    Black bishop? where's that? Am i missing something?

    white should win as he is up 3 pawns...
  8. Standard member GalaxyShield
    Mr. Shield
    24 Apr '05 06:44
    Originally posted by elopawn
    Black bishop? where's that? Am i missing something?

    white should win as he is up 3 pawns...
    Oops, sorry, wrong piece. Meant black rook, I seem to be doing that a lot lately, usually catch my typos though .

  9. 24 Apr '05 09:49 / 1 edit
    this is a devilish problem, it's like something out of a Dvoretsky book. Not knowing the outcome gives it an edge.
    If Black plays 1... Kg6 then I think the best he can do is draw, and if he's not careful he could lose.

    1... Kg6 2.Rxa3 Rh8+(Rxa3 draws) 3.Kg3 Kxg5,

    and then 4.Ra6 Rh4 5.Rxd6 Rxg4+ 6.Kf3 Kf5 7.Re8 Rf3+ 8.Kg3 Re4 draws.

    Instead, 4.Ra7 gives Black a bigger headache, the rook's heading for e7 and Black's forced to choose between passive defence or counterattack.
    He can't go for the g4 pawn right away,
    4... Rh4? 5.Rg7+ Kh6 6.Kxh4 Kxg7 7.Kh5 wins, and trying to defend the pawn doesn't offer much hope either,
    4... Rh6? 5.Rg7+ Rg6 6.Rxg6+ Kxg6 7.Kh5 wins, and
    4... Re8?! 5.Rg7+ Kh6 6.Rf7 Kg6 7.Rf6+ Kg5 8.Kf3 Re7 9.Rf8 Rg7 10.Rh8 Rf7+ 11.Kg3 Rg7 12.Rh5+ Kg6 13.Kh4 Kf7 14.Rh6 wins.
    I think the best try for Black is 4... Rc8(or a8/b8) and then
    5.Rg7+ Kh6 6.Rf7 Kg6 7.Rf6+ Kg5 8.Rxe6 Rd3+ 9.Kf2 Kxg4 draws.

    So if Black plays 1... Kg6 and White offers the draw with Rxa3, then Black saves himself a lot of bother accepting the draw.

    I think that in the original position Black has the edge, only the white king is available to protect the white pawn islands...*ponders*
  10. Standard member GalaxyShield
    Mr. Shield
    24 Apr '05 18:57
    In the original position would Kg6 work though? If the king moves it white give up the pawn for nothing, and if the rook moves, black pushes the A pawn which keeps the rook pinned there and the king has to move. The rook can also get in a bit more which could help.