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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 26 Dec '06 14:28
    1. If the player who checks first is the winner, show how White can win in 5 moves from the initial position.
    2. Suppose white is allowed to move only his knights. Can he still win (= be the first player to check the opponent's king)? in how many moves?
  2. 01 Jan '07 20:09
  3. 01 Jan '07 22:13
    this is called "one check chess", it was in vogue about 80 years ago around New York City until Frank Marshall pointed out that 1. Knight-c3 wins and cannot be stopped. It checks in 3 moves.
  4. 01 Jan '07 22:24
    Wrong answer. White cannot force a check in 3 moves.
  5. 01 Jan '07 22:36
    well. I've looked at a board and can't figure out how to stop it, please enlighten me, what does black do to prevent a check in three?
  6. 01 Jan '07 22:46
    I think e6 prevents check in 3
  7. 01 Jan '07 22:47
    Originally posted by idioms
    I think e6 prevents check in 3
    nope, knight-b5 and it's check on the move
  8. 01 Jan '07 22:57
    Originally posted by GreatSantini
    nope, knight-b5 and it's check on the move
  9. 01 Jan '07 23:02
    Originally posted by idioms
    Ke7're right....Nc3 is still a bust to one-check chess, but I guess it is 5 moves.