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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 19 Nov '06 12:42 / 2 edits
    Easy Puzzle: What is the outcome of: White's move or Black's move? As in, what result will they get?
    By the way, if White can take the pawn they will.
  2. 19 Nov '06 14:12
    it cannot be Black to move since the White king is in check. So after 1.Kf1 we get a draw either via stalemate or insufficient material. Unless, that is not the position you had in mind.
  3. 19 Nov '06 14:38
    unless the board is reversed, which it probably is if it can be either black or white to move as said in the first post.. if the board is reversed black wins, by going up 6 squares to promote, and it isnt stoppable, or if the board isnt reversed, its a draw
  4. 19 Nov '06 15:28
    Well done to both of you for spotting it. If it is Black, the board must be reversed and he wins. I wanted someone to say it is impossible to be Black's move. If it is White's move however there are 2 outcomes:
    Loss for him or a draw.
    If he plays Kh1 then f1=Q/f1=R mates him.
    If he plays Kh1 and Black plays f1=N or f1=B then it is an automatic draw.
    If he plays Kf1 then Kf3 provides stalemate, or any other move results with the next move being KxP and it is again a draw.
  5. 19 Nov '06 15:32 / 1 edit
    As in my previous post, how many outcomes are possible if Black plays f1 after White's move of Kh1? If you have read my earlier post, which you probably have, it is obvious, but if you haven't then I guarantee that some of you will get this wrong.