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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. Standard member fatzfoxwell
    Fatz Foxwell
    20 Nov '04 22:07
    Any recommendations on a good chess program for a PC? Ideally I'd like something that has a lot of the standard openings (none of which I could ever master) I could practice against.

    Anyone have any exceptionally good or bad experiences with a chess program?

    I'd appreciate any help in this.

  2. 20 Nov '04 23:46
    hey this chess game worked for me so try it (Chessmaster 10Th Edition)

  3. Standard member Saint Nick
    Pimp of the elves
    23 Nov '04 06:04
    I play on my Gameboy Advanced. Ok, now get done laughing.....Done? Ok, really check out Virtual Kasparov. Many different players with different levels and techniques, includes tutorials, an opening library, strategy, etc.
    I take it with me all over and play chess while waiting in line, etc.
    The price on them is dropping fast since the new Gamboys come out right before Christmas. Right after Christmas (and the new Gameboy is on the streets), the Gameboy Advanced will be dirt cheap.