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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 05 Jan '07 10:25 / 1 edit
    As Bill knows, the West Coast of Scotland is very rainy and wet. All the locals wear hats, raincoats and have umbrellas. But, visitor Bill has neither coat, hat or umbrella. After having his Starbucks, he watches the rain but then decides he to has to go. He has a long walk across unsheltered open ground back to his hotel but does not get wet and arrives bone dry.

  2. 05 Jan '07 12:55
    I suppose Bill isn't on the West Coast of Scotland...
  3. Standard member celticcountry
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    05 Jan '07 22:27
    Its wasnt raining the time Bill made his journey?
  4. Standard member MCA
    05 Jan '07 22:30
    I am starting to think that elvisR IS Bill, sitting in starbucks and hoping we can provide a solution, so that he can get home without getting wet lol
  5. 06 Jan '07 14:18
    1: all the locals have umbrellas. one of those walked with him.

    2: he walked along the underground railtrack/tunnel or similar.

    3: he has big feet, so walking on his hands the shoes were a good protection from the rain.

    4: the clouds decided to rain around him.

    5: he reversed the 4th dimension, walking back in time while going to his hotel. the rain went up instead of down then and he arrived dry a year ago.

    who can help me complete a top10 of the dumbest solutions for a dumb puzzle?
  6. Standard member celticcountry
    Copyright ©2001-2006
    06 Jan '07 14:26
    I am sorry to announce that Bill died in an unexpected , unreported Tsunami.

    15 minutes before this happened . he inboxed me and told my my answer was indeed correct.

    So someone please close this thread out of restpect for Bill.

    RIP Bill "Starbuck"