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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 08 Jun '06 08:28
    Dont post the answer
    only post questions... cause im sure this is hard to explain.

    There are 2 rooms
    One has 3 light switches
    The other has 3 Lights.
    10 minutes to figure out

    The Rules
    -You have one chance to flip how ever many switches you want then when you choose you can go into the other room. Once your in there certain lights will be on or off and only your memory of room 1 will be with you to help you solve the puzzle.

    The door is locked and you cannot go back. So if you flip 2 switches 2 lights will be on.

    The Objective
    -Figure out which light switch go to what light.
    for example if you flip switch #1 light 3 might come on. but thats for you to find out.

    So if you were in room 1 and your 10 minutes had started. What kind of plan would you have before you goto room 2. Cause once your in there you have to solve the puzzle based of what facts you collect. Then when the timer is up you would have to have the answer or life as you know it ends.

    This might seem impossible. I assure you when you get the answer you will KNOW for sure what you would do in that situation.

    Hint: Picture yourself in the situation and imagine yourself there. I think thats the only way to figure this out.

    there IS a definate way to figure this out.
  2. 08 Jun '06 08:49
    I don't get it????!!!!!!
    I think... hmmm...
    If flicked on switch one will one light be on or what??
    an what is te point??!!
  3. 08 Jun '06 08:52 / 1 edit
    i know the answer!!!
    but i think my answer it is not so complex
    so can i post it???
  4. 08 Jun '06 08:58
    Hey, can you mail it to me, with the explanation please?:'(
  5. 08 Jun '06 08:59
    Never mind, I think i got it
  6. 08 Jun '06 09:07
    i can mail it to u if u want just give me ur email
  7. 08 Jun '06 09:11
    No, just mail it to me on this site, click on my link, and the do this etc...
  8. 08 Jun '06 09:17
    k i think i send it to u, hope u understand it because my english arent so good
  9. Standard member uzless
    The So Fist
    08 Jun '06 16:17 / 1 edit
    I can guarantee myself a 67% chance of getting it right....It's a variation of the Monty Hall 3 door problem.

    Is there a way to get it right 100% of the time?

    EDIT: okay forget it, I got it...didn't read the 10 minute time limit. Good one
  10. 09 Jun '06 02:50
    What happens to the lights after 10 minutes?
  11. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    09 Jun '06 03:02
    Flick one switch and do nothing for 9 minutes. Then turn that switch off and turn a different switch on. Then go into the next room.

    One light will be on, that's linked to the last switch you flicked. One off light will be warm. That light is linked to the first switch you flicked. And the final light will be the switch you didn't touch.
  12. 14 Jun '06 16:41
    After 10 minutes its over... you loose.
    Actualy I tried figuring it out one way and I came up with a percentage and it didnt make sense for 100% to be possible. but then it clicked.. for me.. I thought it was cool because i had to think outside the box.

    Guys just to clear up any confusion..

    if you flip 1 switch than 1 light will be on 2 and 2 will be on 3 and all will be on.
    So you can go in the room whenever you choose. When you choose to go to the next room, you cant go back and you have certian lights on and you would have to use those to figure it out.

    Just know this isnt really as much of a math prob as you think.
  13. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    14 Jun '06 18:33
    Originally posted by MikeBruce
    After 10 minutes its over... you loose.
  14. 14 Jun '06 21:40
    have lost