Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

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    11 Nov '05
    22 Jun '07 08:02
    I've noticed that in a 4-man group tournament (here at RHP), if I get 4 wins, 12 points, then my group win is secure.

    Queston 1: Is this true? Is 12 points enough togarantuee a win in this group?

    Qustion 2: Is there any formula that could be used for any n-man group to garantuee a win?

    If G(4) = 12, then what is G(6), G(8), G(12), and finally G(n)?
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    23 Mar '04
    22 Jun '07 08:432 edits
    With a group out of four, you've played six games, winning four and losing two. Imaging you lose both games to opponent A. If opponent A wins all games so winning six, you're out of the game. Even winning that one game against opponent A but losing the second game to opponent B or C, will make opponent A go through.
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    07 Sep '05
    22 Jun '07 10:46
    As a general rule, you can only afford to draw one match (winning all others) to guarantee a clear win. Drawing two, or losing one (winning all others) will guarantee a share of first place.

    In a group of size N you play 2(N-1) games. So 3[2(N-1) - 2] + 2 = 6N - 10 will definitely send you through, and you need 6N - 8 to win outright.

    At the other extreme, if everybody draws every game, then you can feasibly go through with 2N - 2 points, and you can be clear first with 2N.