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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. Standard member Cribs
    Moderately Offensive
    26 Jun '04 04:46
    Pimpin' Word Problems, Question Numba 1: Stable Optimization

    Part 1:
    Yo yo yo, say I got twenty ho's in my stable, right?
    And say they all pull in one grand fo' every hour
    they work tha corner, right? But yo, say each ho's
    hourly earn be goin' down by 20% fo' each ho
    I put out there, know what I'm sayin'? So like if
    I put two ho's out there, they each be makin' only
    eight bills an hour. And if I put three out there,
    they each only be makin' $640 an hour.

    So yo, what's a pimp to do to maximize his roll?

    Part 2:
    And yo, here be part two of tha problem. How much
    would I pay anotha pimp to take his ho's off of his corner
    so I could use his corner too.

    Holla if ya know!

  2. 26 Jun '04 15:49 / 4 edits
    If the pimp put his 4 oldest sisters out to work he collect the same as if he drag his Momma out there, too.

    If the pimp also wanna put his 4 youngest sisters out to work, he shouldn't pay his father more than $2,048.

    Know what I'm sayin'?

  3. Standard member Nemesio
    26 Jun '04 16:28
    The amount of money that Mr Pimp obtains is equal to:

    .8^(n-1)*n, where n is the number of women working.

    Both four or five women earn $2048, but 4.5 women earn $2060. Where
    is Solomon when you need his wisdom?

  4. Standard member Cribs
    Moderately Offensive
    26 Jun '04 16:50
    Yo Thud and nemesio, you brothaz sound like you both got some real game.
    Tha Smack! Smack! Pimp Attack! clan could use a couple mo' membaz wit
    strong pimp skillz. You want to join our crew?

  5. Standard member Nemesio
    26 Jun '04 20:44
    If I recall correctly, Solomon himself had a harem of 1000 women, so he would know what to do, in any event.