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    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    12 Jun '07 21:28
    I have a small above ground swimming pool and noticed that if the water level is too high, the stuff floating on the surface does not get collected very well because the water going down into the piping does not have much of a level drop. So can you calculate the best level of water above the entrance to the skimmer to maximize floating bug collection? The pump is good for 300 liters per minute and the total height of the opening is 200 millimeters high and wide. Obviously there has to be some water level above the opening or a lot of air gets in the pump, stopping the pumping action so the limits are between the lowest the pump can still pump air free and the upper limit where it just flows out of the pool which is very wasteful of water.
    So what is the best water level to collect floating bugs most efficiently?