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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. Donation mmanuel
    popping in...
    26 Oct '02 16:11
    OK more questions where the answers are names of pawn stars. This
    time they are in no particular order (some of the easier ones took a
    whil last time whilst the hard ones were answered quickly)

    11. A Pirate, particularly of the Barbary Coast:
    12. A person obsessed with all things foreign:
    13.Worlds largest land predator:
    14. ________ da Silva (Brazil) top goal scorer in 1938 World Cup:
    15. Collection of buildings between Strand and Embankment first
    built by Templar Knights: i
    16. A pleasing succession or arrangement of sounds:
    17. A learned person or a scholar:
    18. ________ Hawthorne, author of 'The Scarlet Letter':
    19. One who writes poetry (e.g. a bard or muse):
    20. Phrase coined from Elizabeth I's first appointed Archbishop of

  2. Donation bbarr
    Chief Justice
    26 Oct '02 18:03
    I believe you're referring to the former Archbishop Matthew Parker,
    AKA "Nosey Parker" by his detractors, for sticking his nose where it
    didn't belong.

  3. Donation mmanuel
    popping in...
    29 Oct '02 16:06
  4. Donation richjohnson
    29 Oct '02 01:02
  5. Donation rwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    29 Oct '02 01:37
    11. corsair
    12. xenophile
    13. lioness
    18. nathaniel
  6. Donation mmanuel
    popping in...
    29 Oct '02 16:06
  7. Donation bbarr
    Chief Justice
    29 Oct '02 17:04
    The Polar Bear is the world's largest land predator.
  8. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    29 Oct '02 20:42
  9. Donation richjohnson
    29 Oct '02 21:11