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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 10 Aug '03 14:24

    Five colleagues set off for work each day in their vehicles.
    Work out who drives what and how long they each drive to work.

    1.Pauline drives twice as long as the estate car and a quarter
    of the time that Olivia has to drive in her saloon car.
    2.Neville and Pauline drive 60 minutes between them but Neville
    has five times the travel time as Pauline.
    3.The convertible travels half as long as Neville while Lynda
    takes five times longer than Martin.
    4.The sports car has the longest journey and the van has a
    quarter of the trip of the saloon.

    Success and have fun !
  2. 11 Aug '03 05:26
    Neville Sports Car 50 minutes
    Olivia Saloon 40 minutes
    Lynda Convertible 25 minutes
    Pauline van 10 minutes
    Martin estate 5 minutes
  3. 11 Aug '03 13:46

    Hi , Trekkie

    You did it . Correct solution ...
    A red BMW is coming your way !!