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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. Standard member jfkjmh
    nice one
    06 Dec '05 01:55
  2. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    06 Dec '05 07:29
    Originally posted by jfkjmh
    [fen]8/7K/8/8/8/4R3/3p4/1k1b4 w - - 0 1[/fen]
    1.Rg3 and if 1...Bc2+ 2.Kh8! e1Q 3.Rg1 Qxg1, stalemate. If 1...Be2 2.Rg1+ and I don't see a way to dislodge the white Rook from the 1st rank.