Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

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    20 Feb '02
    15 Apr '03 13:13
    Seven horses in a farm in Kentucky,
    Of three blacks, the oldest is a daddy;
    Of two browns, the 3 year old male is called BILLY,
    And the horse SNOWY is white as a lily.

    Of two half-sister mares, the black won in the Derby,
    She's a shade lighter than her daughter, BEAUTY;
    BEAUTY and her cousin LUCKY, both half the age of their auntie,
    But faster than either ROCKY or SUNNY.

    Three of the horses are ready for the Derby,
    A horse must be three years to be an entry;
    Maybe this year the farm gets lucky,
    Their stallion's loss last year was a pity.

    CHALLENGE: Describe the horse that lost in last year's Derby.

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    12 Apr '03
    15 Apr '03 20:08
    The horse has four legs and is hairy