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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 21 Oct '02 21:48
  2. 21 Oct '02 21:51
    Why is a carrot not called an orange?
    Why am i not called Linda?(ps)
  3. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    22 Oct '02 11:00
    why is a kangaroo called a kangaroo... it's translation from Aboriginal
    is "I don't know", supposedly because the settlers asked an Aboriginal
    & he didn't know....
  4. 12 Jan '03 14:26
    Is this answer really a reply to the question ?
  5. 12 Jan '03 17:45
    Why is a pear called a pear when there is only one of them?
  6. 12 Jan '03 18:03
    Originally posted by misslead
    Why is a lemon not called a yellow?
    why do you park in a driveway and drive in a parkway?
  7. Donation Luck
    14 Jan '03 03:55
    Because you are Lynn!

    a.k.a. Luck
  8. Subscriber Chris
    Site Admin
    22 Jan '03 14:57
    Originally posted by UncleAdam
    why do you park in a driveway and drive in a parkway?
    Why isn't it spelt phonetically?
  9. Standard member Ala
    The Substitute
    23 Jan '03 14:48
    why do the Brits spell it "colour" and the yanks spell it "color"?
    an ex pat from London recently plugged back into the American Matrix...
  10. 27 Jan '03 20:50
    Why is 'abbreviated' such a long word?
  11. 27 Jan '03 22:18
    Originally posted by Chrismo
    Why isn't it spelt phonetically?
    'It' is.
  12. 20 Nov '03 04:23
    why do we say, when we send something by car, it's a shipment, but when we send it by ship, it's cargo?
    why is there braille on drive-up atms?
    what is the speed of _dark_?
    does it ever scare you that what a doctor does is called "practice"?
    is it a coincidence that "therapist" can be divided as "the rapist"?
    if we have pawn shops, why don't we have queen, bishop, or rook shops?
    (or, why can you buy a whole chess set in a pawn shop?)

    i think that's enough for now.