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  1. 29 Jun '13 09:07 / 1 edit
    I love concept cars, if only the streets looked like that!

    Peugeot make some of the best they had some awesome ones in the 80s, here's there latest - the Onyx

    Any that caught your eye ?
  2. Standard member apathist
    looking for loot
    29 Jun '13 20:32
    That car couldn't get over a speed bump.
  3. 29 Jun '13 20:53
    Originally posted by apathist
    That car couldn't get over a speed bump.
    Shush they are not meant to be practical! what about a Ferrari f40, they can blow up in a traffic jam
  4. 29 Jun '13 20:59
    Aston Lagonda

    one that made it off the drawing board it does 2 mpg so is very efficient
  5. 30 Jun '13 11:24 / 1 edit
    This ones rather ... errr.

    Tang Hua Book Of Songs -

    Amazing fish shaped car from the same company -

    want one?
  6. 01 Jul '13 10:34
    Peugeot Proxima - 1986


    its like the future has gone backwards since then it really is
  7. 03 Jul '13 19:39 / 1 edit
    KIA Trackster

    I like the look of kia cars, the newer ones all look a bit concept car like (copy of a new land rover like ) and they are quite affordable
  8. 13 Jul '13 01:44 / 1 edit

    I have read some of your serious posts about farming and stuff, but thought maybe this one might be cool

    From France again the Citreon Eggo

    An 80s one when they were really cool and impractical

    A Alfa_Romeo_Carabo (edit )- that looks a lot better...