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  1. Standard member woodypusher
    14 Dec '13 23:30
  2. 15 Dec '13 14:43
    Originally posted by woodypusher
    Stories like this tend to puzzle me.

    Noble gases don't like forming molecules because they have complete outer
    electron shells. And are thus already in their lowest energy state.

    However the environment around a supernova where atoms get ionised is
    exactly the kind of place I would expect to find Noble gases forming molecules.
    Because once it's ionised it will form ionic bonds with other elements trying to
    find a lower energy state, just like any other chemical would.
  3. Standard member Soothfast
    16 Dec '13 03:19
    Xenon is my favorite element name.
  4. Standard member wolfgang59
    17 Dec '13 07:09
    Originally posted by Soothfast
    Xenon is my favorite element name.