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  1. Standard member apathist
    looking for loot
    23 Dec '12 11:06

    The teaser headline overstates, since actually "...the gun was built with some key parts created on a 3-D printer and fired six times before it broke."

    The gun-control aspect is interesting, but the technology is fascinating! We can print 3-d objects that have moving parts.

    Here's a 10-minute video where they print a bike that I think is worth watching since it talks about the technology:

    Here's a 23-sec video where they just print a wrench:
  2. Standard member forkedknight
    Defend the Universe
    27 Dec '12 04:45
    There's no moving parts in the lower receiver, it just houses the moving parts.

    The lower receiver is the most highly regulated part of a firearm, though; considered to be what makes it a "gun".

    I'm sure we're not far off from having 3D printers and media that can create a reliable receiver.