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Science Forum

  1. 13 Sep '15 12:47
    Can anyone recommend a modern popular science book suitable for a beginer?
    I am thinking of a book on the level of ‘Asimov’s Guide to Science’ but more up to date.
  2. Standard member ptobler
    27 Sep '15 22:10
    Could try reading New Scientist & Scientific American -
  3. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    28 Sep '15 12:11 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by ptobler
    Could try reading New Scientist & Scientific American -
    They don't help with the fundamentals, great magazines but not for beginners. I know you don't need a lot of science to read them but there are too many subjects talked about, not focused on basic science.

    Here is a link for physics, several answers with different books, like the Feynman lectures for freshmen physics and such;

    For other sciences, here is a list of what they consider the 100 best science books:
  4. 29 Sep '15 00:30
    Life at the Edge
    A primer in quantum biology
  5. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    29 Sep '15 03:54
    The First Three Minutes by Steven Weinberg was written in 1977 and so not up to date, but nevertheless gives a good idea of the issues in Particle Physics and Cosmology and is totally comprehensible to layfolk.
  6. 03 Oct '15 14:18
    Thank you all for the suggestions.
    The book was intended for a birthday gift -28 Sept - so I had already bought a book before your replies.
    I managed to find Asimovs book second hand in German translation and bought that.Although it is probably not the best book it is easy to read for a 'layman'.And the one that got me interested all those years ago.