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  1. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    20 Sep '08 22:52

    I see for us here in Slatington, the ISS is due to pass overhead in about 2 hours and will be bright. Pretty neat, it list any satellite visible on the ground. The Jules Verne automatic shuttle is going to crash on sept 29 and is supposed to be visible in the US and Europe as it enters that atmosphere. It is not supposed to land, it is designed to burn up on re-entry. Hope nobody sneaked aboard to get a free ride home
    It says enter your zip code but I don't know if that works for Europe, probably not.
  2. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    21 Sep '08 00:55
    This is the actual link, the one in the first post was just the result for my zip code.
  3. 22 Sep '08 13:30
    Even better get Google earth then use this: