1. Joined
    19 Oct '05
    15 Dec '05 14:24
    Can we please have an indication of the number of active games in any folder.

    Problem is I move games into a "Black" and "White" folder.
    This works ok, but a game (siege) popped into my Inbox and I failed to notice it ;(

    Why not have the number of active games display thus:

    Inbox (1)
    Black (23)
    White (25)
    SomeOtherFolder (55)
  2. Standard memberAiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    23 Mar '04
    15 Dec '05 14:43
    Yes, I want that too. But I want an addition to this idea; namely to have indicators how many games are in need of my attention compared to all the games in that folder. For instance something like:

    Inbox (0/1)
    Black (11/23)
    White (3/25)
    SomeOtherFolder (48/55)

    ...where the bold numbers are the number of games that need my move.