1. Standard memberNilfisk
    This is not my child
    Canterbury, NZ
    13 Aug '04
    12 Nov '04 07:04
    I have a suggestion which may have been proposed before, my apologies if we are discussing old ground.

    I invariably put a higher priority on any games in my list which have the time clock thingy ticking away but to deal with them you have to always return to the game list to pick them out.

    Would it be possible to have an after move preference as an alternative to taking you to the "next waiting game" would take you to the "next urgent game". By urgent I mean one where your time bank is being used or worse runout.

    Does anyone else have use for this?😛
  2. Standard memberDrax946
    The Chess Clan
    20 Oct '04
    12 Nov '04 07:14
    I remember a thread about sorting by clicking on the alert column heading, but I don't know if this would have any effect on "the next waiting game"