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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    07 Mar '09 00:38
    Would it be possible to create a filter in the tournaments page that amalgamates all the available club tournaments onto one page? After club tournie is started the only way to get to it is to open the club homepage. I'm a member of about 20 clubs so it takes about 15 minutes to click through all of them to see what available tournies are on offer. It would be way better if i could just use a filter in the tournaments page to see what ones are available.
  2. Standard member Lukerik
    Stick your hands up
    07 Mar '09 02:20
    Answer: join less clubs.

    Ah no, I have the same problem. Not that I'm joining anything what with my gameload, but this would be great to have on my homepage.
  3. 07 Mar '09 02:52
    while we're at it can we please stop getting PM's every time a new club tournament is set up?

    the disappointment of thinking that someone has taken the time out of their busy lives to PM you only to find that it's a heartless automatic club tournament PM is crushing on the soul.

    i don't know if i can take it anymore.