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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 16 Feb '11 13:28
    the site is too bright. may i suggest a pleasant light gray intead of the overall whiteness.
  2. Standard member RevRSleeker
    17 Feb '11 19:48
    I agree in that I can't 'make friends' with the colour scheme there, it really bothers my eyes after a time ! I now only use the RHP sister \ co-site...
  3. Standard member HandyAndy
    Non sum qualis eram
    18 Feb '11 01:26

    Soothing blue.
  4. 18 Feb '11 03:28
    blue and gray as a mixed medium ( both a soft and complimentary color ) would be a a very nice mixture.

    i like playing at chessatwork since i (falsely) feel that the fools at rhp and time are not at the same site and i can play chess with working people instead of the welfare queens of the socialist world at the other sites.

    i enjoy chess with those who actually work and pay taxes. three cheers for chessatwork.