1. Account suspended
    09 Jul '04
    20 Oct '07 18:21
    i think that on the clan page...perhaps on the left just under the list of members that there ought to be a box to allow the clan leader to post some text to give some information about the clan that a prospective member or perhaps a challenger might want to know without having to sort thru the clan forum for a topic on the idea. it would be just like the box that allows a profile description for each player on the profile page.
  2. Subscribercoquette
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    Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    04 Jul '06
    20 Oct '07 19:37
    good rec.

    Info might include:

    when formed
    page and place progress over the past year or so
    clan philosophy
    lots of chat in private forums, or little, or none
    goals . .like striving for number 1 spot, or dedicated to just having fun
    what types of members are in the clan

    just the same as the individual profiles!
  3. Joined
    31 Jan '07
    21 Oct '07 01:13
    Good ideas. Could we have it placed somewhere that prospective members could actually be able to see it? Perhaps in a "clan browser" like the "profile browser".