1. SubscriberMarinkatomb
    18 Feb '04
    18 Aug '05 14:451 edit
    How about this...

    We have tournaments for clans. They are 6 man knock out 'duals'. 16 clans enter, clan leaders can change the team before each round begins. This mean that each member involved only has one match (w&B) to play each round. Winning clan get's a trophy in their clan page?? Sound good? 😀

    EDIT: in fact, it might be a good idea to have 'banded' clan duals, based on a clans average rating.
  2. Berks.
    27 Nov '04
    18 Aug '05 21:17
    Not quite sure if the banded aspect would work, but different types of clan competition are a good idea.
  3. SubscriberMarinkatomb
    18 Feb '04
    19 Aug '05 14:07
    I have a small clan (6 members). We entered the clan leagues but the sheer weight of games was crippling. I personally don't like playing 100 games at a time (and i know i'm not the only one). With this in place, clans could compete against each other IN MULTIPLE competitions at a time, without overloading the players involved. I mentioned having banded clan tournaments because there are a few clans (like the Dutch clan) that could easily field a 6 man team of 2000+ strength players (and win everything they enter...).
  4. SubscriberMarinkatomb
    18 Feb '04
    19 Aug '05 14:241 edit
    Actually, how about this...

    Clan A enters a 16 clan tournament. Clan A's players include...

    Player A - 2100
    Player B - 1800
    Player C - 1700
    Player D - 1700
    Player E - 1600
    Player F - 1500
    Player G - 1400
    Player H - 1300
    Player I - 1200
    Player J - 1200
    Player K - 1000
    Player L - 1000
    Player M - 1000

    Average rating - 1423

    (13 members total)

    Now, Clan A enters a clan tournament. 15 other clans enter. When the first round starts, clan A is paired with Clan D. Clan D is a small clan with 7 members...

    Clan D
    Player A - 1500
    Player B - 1350
    Player C - 1200
    Player D - 1200
    Player E - 1100
    Player F - 1000
    Player G - 1000

    Average rating - 1193

    Obviously, if clan A is allowed to field their strongest team, they will blow Clan D away with no problems at all! However, if when the tournament starts, players are AUTOMATICALLY paired with the player closest to their rating, things aren't so bad, ie....

    Clan A Clan D
    Player F - 1500 - Player A - 1500
    Player H - 1300 - Player B - 1350

    This isn't perfect, but it would make the tournakments much fairer than with out it. The algorythm involved would not be beyond our favourite programmers abilities. 😀

    However, if one of the players has to play somebody who is more than, say, 100 points higher rated than themself, the game is automatically dropped and the match between the two clans then becomes 5 v's 5.
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