1. SubscriberMarinkatomb
    18 Feb '04
    27 Oct '05 01:40
    As a Clan leader, i'd really like to see clearly what stage my members have reached in games for my clan on one page. As things stand, if i click on a clan members info, it shows me ALL the clan games they are playing, including games for other clans. One of my users is playing 50 Clan games in total!! It is impossible for me to tell if he is nearing completion in his funky movers matches, or if he is still starting his games.

    What would be really useful would be a sub page for each clan member linked to their name on the 'Clan members info' page which showed all of the challenges they are playing, with the move number next to each game. This way i could tell easily if i should include that member in challenges or not.

    Many thanks 🙂
  2. Standard memberCrowley
    Not Aleister
    Control room
    17 Apr '02
    27 Oct '05 08:05
    Another good idea.