1. 100$ de l'heure.
    30 Dec '06
    07 Jan '08 02:29
    I've just posted that thread in the clan forum, but he should more be here I guess... so here it is again:

    Is there a way for a clan leader to get some statistics from his members? Numbers of victories, defeats and drawns for the clan... Any %...

    Same thing that the "My performance" function that we have in our "Home", but for each member...
  2. Amsterdam
    04 Feb '06
    07 Jan '08 11:27
    In Thread 84076 I mentioned that I have some sort of database to keep track of those statistics..
    I wish it was available on the website as well.. Luctruc (Clan Leader of NAA Golden Chess Muggers) asked me to send him my database, I can send it to anybody who is interested, just send me a message..
    04 Sep '04
    07 Jan '08 13:20
    A good idea.

    I was going to do something similar for IVV members but the problem is that where people are members of more than one clan it is a lot of extra work.to do so 🙁

    It would have been easier if each challenge had an indicator of which clan the member was playing for.

    At present the only way to do it is for each members to keep their own stats or to set up an excel file and transfer the individual stats at the start of each new month.

    Again a lot of work for very active clans.