1. Standard memberrhb
    Ginger Scum
    23 Sep '03
    04 Jun '07 21:30
    With the current swarm of "please take over my clan" posts in the Clan forum, I'm thinking there has to be a way of using the points accumulated within ones own clan to "buy" old clans as they come on the market... to be sort of kept as Trophies of war on the clans homepage (so the clan would be no longer useable).

    I had thought of merging the two clans to form one mega clan (under the stewardship of the purchasing leader) - however the 20 player limit and matches played between the 2 clans in question mean this would be difficult to achieve.

    Another idea (which must've cropped up before) is the ability to trade players between clans, with their value set by a combination of their average rating over the past 12mths, plus their net performance for the clan in this time.

    Both ideas would help spice up the relatively stagnant clans section of the site.

    In some ways both ideas might have been better employed from the start - a finite number of clans (one that can grow with the site however) each with a Leader who then ran and managed trades / takeovers. When the "players looking to join clans pool" grew big enough, a new team would be spawned to enter the clan wars. Players would initially have been unable to join clans, but then the evolving clans identities would've prompted much transfer activity.

    I must be bored... any thoughts around this welcome.
  2. Standard memberhammster21
    21 Nov '06
    04 Jun '07 21:54
    I would love this idea. I think we would need a separate section for this so you could choose if you wanted to be in it. We could still have the clan league section but another League with trades and such would be cool.