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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member qyf
    26 Oct '09 11:55

    I'd like to see a clear outline of the rating change per game: eg

    W (1234) vs B (1300)
    Win 1240 1280
    Draw 1238 1290
    Lose 1233 1270

    Maybe this could be in the form of a rating calculator, and per game just list the start / finish ratings of each player. I like to know what my rating was at the beginning and how the game affected it - although this will never make it a better player it's still interesting!
  2. 28 Oct '09 17:53
    For the present you can use "RHP ratings calculator"
    It's Greasemonkey script for Firefox available here:
    Works great !
  3. Standard member qyf
    01 Nov '09 22:44
    Thanks, that's really useful!

    I reckon it'd still be good to have the starting ratings recorded in your old games...
  4. 02 Nov '09 14:51
    er, you do have your rating progression game by game recorded, via your graph on your profile?