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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber pakeha
    26 Jun '08 13:15
    wondering if there could be a change in the limits to enter a Club tournament

    at first had 1 tournament for 24 players only to see it come to a dead end and not start

    could there be a setup for the Club Admin to setup a tournament without the setting up of the number to start and have a time limit to allow players to enter
    Could the Club Admin 1st setup the tournament and msg all players there is a certain amount of days to enter a tournament before closing with what ever number there at the time of closing

    seeing only Subscribers can join in a Club Tournament, trying to help the lower rated (RHP) players is a bit hard to find more to fill the current limit of 8
  2. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    26 Jun '08 23:31
    Isn't there a minimum you can put as well as the maximum for players, when you make up your tourney?
  3. Subscriber pakeha
    01 Jul '08 11:34
    as I see it

    Please choose the number of entrants for this tournament. This should be between 8 and 24 people.
    Number of entrants

    8 to 24,

    if by chance there is a tournament set with any number between 8 and 24 and then maybe not able to fill the requirements of the setup
    it is this limitation that I feel should be more free in setting up and/or a time limit set in place for members to enter

    Please enter the number of entrants per group.
    Group Size
  4. 01 Jul '08 13:27
    Try sending a club-wide private message, say that you're going to set up a 3/7 in groups of 3 or whatever numbers you want, and ask for people to put their names in a forum thread called "Tournament Entries" or somesuch. Then you'll know what numbers you have available before you create the tournament.
  5. Subscriber pakeha
    05 Jul '08 09:57
    thanks for this, will try this