1. Joined
    31 Dec '02
    14 Apr '05 16:07
    there are many forums and many members answer them on a regular basis.

    i would like the option where if someone responded and quoted my last threads, is for me to receive a notification telling me that someone has replied to my comments..

    otherwise, i lose track of where i posted what on which forum reponding to whoever thread for whatever discussion.. specially handy if few threads where added and mine got jumbled right inside.. (and if someone insulted me so that will give me the option to go back and grrrrrrr at them...)

    an alert would be nice, as my days are numbered and to go through every thread and see whats what... hmmm... i might as well be in my grave..

    what do we say peeps?
  2. Subscriberinvigorate
    Only 1 F in Uckfield
    Buxted UK
    27 Feb '02
    19 Apr '05 21:42
    I struggle to remember which threads I've posted in too.

    I cant remember whether or not I've posted in this one!
  3. Standard memberOuermyhte
    Muffy rocks your God
    08 May '04
    20 Apr '05 19:21
    u can use the search forums link ^^^^ up there. u can search for posts made by whoever u like (type in 'ouermyhte' if ur a fan of the inane)