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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 30 Nov '04 03:28
    RHP should have a similar game play to Uchess, i find Uchess gives u alot more freedom, is it just me, or do others agree?
  2. Standard member Ravello
    The RudeĀ©
    30 Nov '04 03:30
    Freedom of what?
  3. 30 Nov '04 03:34
    e.g in RHP u have to click on the piece and click on the block were u want to move, in Uchess the go with a drag-method where as u click on the piece and drag it toward the block where u want to move, personally ii think its easier to do the drag-method. understand what i mean?
  4. Standard member Ravello
    The RudeĀ©
    30 Nov '04 03:43 / 1 edit
    Well the two sites appeal two different styles of play,correspondence and blitz:in correspondence it's more contemplative ,and even after you clicked the piece you think a little more before clicking ''move'',in blitz chess it would be waste of time to click twice because of very short time controls,and you don't even have time to think as much as on Rhp.

    However I don't see how these things makes more ''freedom' on a site than on another.
    YOU have the freedom to choose what kind of chess and in what site you wish to play.
  5. Standard member thire
    30 Nov '04 09:29
    But he's right when he says that click and drop would be nice to have. but not really very important.
  6. 30 Nov '04 12:48 / 1 edit
    It would also not be possible to implement that in Javascript and PHP (the way RHP is written).

    Would require a huge site change.
  7. Standard member thire
    30 Nov '04 12:52
    R U sure? why?
  8. 30 Nov '04 13:02
    to the best of my knowledge the javascripting required to track the movement of objects usually requires the use of multiple divs and is not very consistent across different browsers.

    reprogramming for drag and drop would take a fair bit of time and some extensive cross browser testing so that it works for all users, from a business stand point I don't think it would be worth it

    personally i don't mind the 2 click method, it is easy to use.
  9. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    30 Nov '04 14:20
    I could do it. I even experimented with it 3 years ago. But then browser compatibility would have been a real problem. Not so now, but I don't believe it is worth the effort all the same. I can foresee the mass of requests for a 'take back move' option if it was implemented....

    Early on when uChess was launched some people wanted a 'move' button to match RHP - so there is no pleasing everyone.

  10. Standard member pendejo
    30 Nov '04 14:49 / 1 edit
    i think it is great as it is atm. i used to play blitz chess but got fed up with my rash moves and was so happy when i found a site where i could sit and analyse moves and see how they looked before i made my move.

    i think having one site cater for correspondance play and another to cater for blitz play is the perfect solution to please all of the people all of the time.