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    26 Aug '07
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    Dear RHP for most people the aspect ratio is widescreen 16:9. When one uploads an image in this instance a clan banner specifically designed at 990 x100 as per the site specifications the tendency is when viewing on a PC or laptop for the image to be resized out of proportion with it only partially showing. Is it possible somehow to prevent this from happening while maintaining the responsive design, for at present it seems that one will simply need to make a text disproportionately small in an already fairly narrow area (100px) to compensate for the resizing to even a modest 19 inch widescreen monitor. Something like 1280x120px I suspect would be sufficient for most PC/laptops/tablets etc If one of course were to keep the 990px then a height of 557px would keep the 16:9 aspect ratio and make for the designer a very pleasant experience.