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    11 Nov '05
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    There is a tournament in progress now: Tournament 3123: "English Opening Thematic II".

    I wanted to look at the game in a chess program so I picked up the PGN of the game and the game from the PGN looked like this:
    1. c5 Ng1f3 2. a5 Nb1c3 3. b6 g3 4. f6 Bf1g2 5. e6 Nf3h4 6. g5 Nh4f3
    7. h5 O-O 8. h4 Nf3xh4 9. gxh4 Bg2xa8 10. f5 Ba8f3 *

    This is gibberish! You can't do anything useful with this!

    No game in the world starts with white doing a pawn move c2-c5. Black cannot ever reply with his knight from g1, and no black knight can ever go, in blacks first move, to f3. This is beyond any rule from FIDE.

    We all know that English is (most often) started by white making the pawn move from c2 to c4. But why not then include this is the PGN? If this is included the PGN can be inserted and parsed by any chess program?

    If I entered a thematic tournament, my game database can't handle the games. Therefore I do not enter any thematics! I would want to, but it will give me problems so I don't. Regretfully.

    My strong suggestion is:
    Correct the PGNs for all games not started with the standard starting position. Include the FEN tag if the beginning is not known, include the proper beginning moves when it is known (like in the thematic tournament games).
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    14 Nov '06
    22 Dec '07 00:06
    Totally agree... it's really annoying. Takes me twice as long to research my personal Traxler database for that thematic tournament because I can't just drop in the PGN.. i have to make the moves myself..

    Might not be the easiest fix but I certainly hope someone is able to change it soon.