1. Behind you...
    24 Feb '04
    01 Apr '06 09:211 edit
    In the last couple OTB local tournaments I've entered, there have been plenty of older players who were boasting about their USCF ratings, which were all displayed on the scoreboard that the director was keeping. Well, finding that I play my hardest against higher rated players and that I tend to slack against lower rated ones, I decided not to glance at the scoreboard at all so that I wouldn't know my opponent's strength (assuming they had a USCF rating), hence I'd be forced to play my best at all times. Well, how about implementing that here as an optional feature? I'm sure I'm not the only player who likes to use this technique in OTB play, and I think it would be just one of those little features that would set RHP apart from any other site, since I've never seen another website that had this.

    Someone back me up.

  2. Subscriberouroboros
    Digital Alchemist
    10 Sep '03
    01 Apr '06 13:58

    You have to use Firefox and have Greasemonkey installed.