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Site Ideas Forum

  1. 21 Jun '09 08:05
    I the real world in Germany, there exist graded tournaments.

    Every player who wants to join this tournaments start at the base tournament. The best quarter ranked player of this tournament plays the next time the next higher tournament, also the worst quater ranked player od the higher tournament fall back in the lower tournament - There exist four levels of tournaments.

    Now to my idea:

    Every subsrciber have the possibility in the settings to make himself avaibable for this tournament. So he come automatically in the next season of this tournament-series in one tournament of his level.

    There could be for every category of timeout such a tournament-series, the player must decided in which he will play and in which not.

    Each tournaments could be groups of 12 or 16 player; 48 players means four tournaments with 12 players for example.

    In the first year we bgin with one level. After than we add a level on the top and the down. So long as we reached 9 level of tournaments.
    Every new player begins in the middle level, this means the fith level - when all level exists. Another number of level could be also possible.
    Each winner of the highest level-tournaments could make a duell-tournament; to determinate the winner of the season.

    The advantage; after a while plays in each level players with the same strength.
  2. 21 Jun '09 16:02
    Sounds complicated - but good luck.
  3. 23 Jun '09 21:51
    Originally posted by Dr Strangelove
    Sounds complicated - but good luck.
    Not really is like a league-playing with different divisions, only for one player
  4. Subscriber padger On Vacation
    24 Jun '09 06:08
    Seems like a good idea
  5. 26 Jun '09 21:55
    Originally posted by padger
    Seems like a good idea
    Yes I think it is, because this system is practice over a lot of years in the real chess playing world in Germany
    And a lot of people come to the chess-congress once a year in which this tournaments are played