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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member Otis
    Lucky Patzer
    14 Nov '05 17:50
    Since I sometimes tend to play too many games then I should, and I know others do as well, I think it would be helpful to add another filter option in the new My Games. One that could filter games that are under a time alert, when your timebank is ticking down. Or atleast a filter to retrieve games that are out of time, and could be timed out by your opponent.
  2. Standard member Otis
    Lucky Patzer
    22 Nov '05 05:27
    wow no reply, I actually liked this idea
  3. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    22 Nov '05 06:24
    If you click Alert at the top of the column you will sort by alert type. Then just move in the ones which are ticking.