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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 30 Nov '04 00:25
    lol? Well my deal is with the sites theme...the white backround is destroying my eyes! lol well any others with throughts on this?

    Solution: Blue maybe?
  2. Standard member Drax946
    The Chess Clan
    30 Nov '04 01:43
    Have you tried the other addresses for the site? looks like it doesn't have a white background like RHP.
  3. 30 Nov '04 03:36
    maybe just the top backround, not in the forum ect. black and white is easy on the eyes
  4. Standard member Drax946
    The Chess Clan
    30 Nov '04 07:46
    Black & White easy on the eyes? How about ? Maybe that will help. Still the same old lovable RHP with a new paint job so to speak.
  5. Standard member gumbie
    The man himself
    30 Nov '04 08:14
    I use timeforchess for the redhoteye problem I was getting
  6. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    30 Nov '04 09:33
    This has come up a number of times recently, so I may let people choose from a variety of styles. Maintaining them could be a bit of a chore though.

    I personally only like to read black on white text.

    If anyone is interested, I use chessatwork for live site work, and RHP for development tasks - so I see an equal amount of both.

  7. Standard member thire
    30 Nov '04 09:43
    I support the possibility of choosing color shemes very much!
    I tried to make my personal website with very proper css - so that I can easily change it's style or let the surfers choose. But soon I saw that this isn't that easy (just changing the css) as this standard ins't very well impemented in some browsers (they let it appear differntly)
    I use FireFox and it would be easy to change RHP's css and use my own - but it is not (for me).
    So I just hope for this and other cool features to come on this wonderful website!
  8. 30 Nov '04 10:17
    i use Time For Chess its softer than the bright white!
  9. 30 Nov '04 22:26
    Thank you all! Russ i am hoping we are able to find a common ground (as colors go!) =)
  10. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    30 Nov '04 23:41
    Just being curious, Russ, do you know which theme is the most popular / used?
    I personally like the white / red theme from Red Hot Pawn.
  11. 08 Dec '04 13:02 is too bright for me, man. i like the name, though, so i still tell people that's where i play chess. but i use