1. Joined
    26 Jul '09
    08 Sep '09 05:13
    my suggestion, drum roll please, a personal notepad for game notes.
    Okay- maybe I'm just a hack, but sometimes i see a board i haven't played in a while, and i kinda wonder "what was my contingency plan again?" Or, "where was i going with this?" after my opponent manages to foil the umpteen conditionals i spent half the night entering...
    I would think it was just the aforementioned hackery .... but the SchemingMind.com site has one and c'mon... RedHot is a way way cooler site. Way.
    Its seems like a pretty easy thing to add, so I'm left to figure its been probably been suggested like, a bizillion years ago, but either way- me & my lil ol' brain think it'd be kinda nifty.
  2. Gold Coast
    26 Feb '02
    08 Sep '09 06:10
    it's there already under message your oponent
  3. Joined
    26 Jul '09
    08 Sep '09 09:14
    What?! How in the- but I swear there wasn't- ... Wow. That's it. I'm going to bed. Maybe I can sleep off this whole 'mental retardation'
    Okay new suggestion- instead of on vacaction- I want an out-to-lunch symbol- icon could be a guy with a dunce cap and/or a bottle of booze in hand? ...No...?
    yeah I... I didn't think so.