1. Upstate NY
    04 Aug '06
    04 May '09 17:01
    A few suggestion on the PGNs that are e-mailed from the site:

    1. Player ratings could be the ratings at the time the game was finished (the same ratings used in the site's ratings calculations). Now, the ratings that are embedded in the PGN are the player's current ratings at the time the PGNs are requested, which seems to me is not particularly relevant or useful.

    2. Can we increase the limit on the number of games that can be requested (currently it is 100). These are not particularly big files, so even allowing 500 games or so should not make too big an e-mail

    3. It would be nice to be able to specify a date range (or even a Game ID range!!) rather than only a single date to present. This would make it easier to get to older games in one's archive.

    Numbers 2 & 3 are really about making it easier to download a full (large) library of games. In the current set up, I think one would have to go in to the archive and specify games one-by-one to get at older games that are not in the last 100 played.

    Apologies in advance if I am missing something in the current system that already achieves these aims!