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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 01 Jan '06 12:09
    Once again we have a problem with people putting bad open invites out.

    There are three there at the moment asking for a player with a rating above 2500, and giving some message about Iran and the World Cup.

    There is also another one asking for an opponent less than 500. I suspect this one to be genuinely looking for an opponant, but still nobody can take the invite.

    Would anybody else agree that if one of the game moderators (or forum moderators) had the ability to delete open invites, it would clean up the page effectively?
  2. Standard member Santa Drummer
    01 Jan '06 14:14
    Why you care? just look at the ones with "accept" beside them
  3. 01 Jan '06 14:38
    To be honest it doesn't bother me that much at the moment, but how long will it be before people start posting offensive comments.
  4. Standard member mrmist
    01 Jan '06 15:53
    I'd have thought it should be fairly simple to restrict open invite criteria to ratings that actually exist. That seems sensible enough.