1. Devonshire
    16 Feb '08
    04 Oct '10 20:35
    There are some right tw*ts who join rhp and think that the ability to tub-thump a keyboard with their webbed digits, gives them the right to infect the forums with their troll-like racism and idiocy.

    Seriously though, surely a new user should have to be at least past their provisional rating before being permitted the right to post?
  2. e4
    06 May '08
    04 Oct '10 23:46

    There are loads of non subs that are fine.

    It's the new guys who join and spam every forum 10 threads deep
    like that goofy guy did a a few months that get the established non-subs
    a bad name.

    A time lag between joining and posting may work.

    Perhaps offer a reduced first year sub to non-subs that have been here
    for two or more years that may induce some to join.