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    02 Feb '07
    26 Apr '07 05:46
    Many other forums have a Preview button which allows the user to view what the post will look like prior to actually submitting the post on the thread.

    I'm not suggesting that the rule that a post can be edited only for one hour be changed. But I think many users would find it helpful to preview a post (for example when one is posting a FEN) and make the necessary corrections before actually posting rather than after.

    This enhancement was explicitly suggested a long time ago in the Help forum:

    Other posts (in unrelated to the threads) have also mentioned it as a nice site improvement, for example:
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    11 Nov '05
    26 Apr '07 08:02
    Preview is a good idea.
    I settle if I get a chance to edit the thread title in the edit mode. Now you can't correct mispellings, even you can't do anything if you forget the title altogether.
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    22 Aug '05
    26 Apr '07 11:31
    I looked for the preview button and asked about it also when I first came to this site. Not a "necessity" maybe, but it would be very handy IMO.