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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 18 Jul '05 12:04
    Is anyone else cheesed off with the high rsanking players who set rating limits to only accpet games agianst people with a score significantly less than theirs???

    Proposal: you should only be able to set rating limits to a minimum of 100 less than your own total!
  2. 18 Jul '05 19:04
    Why do you bother? Just don't play them if you don't like the rating difference.
    Make an open invite yourself with the rating limits you DO like.
  3. Standard member Bowmann
    18 Jul '05 19:44
    **Whistles a happy tune**
  4. Standard member eldragonfly
    leperchaun messiah
    19 Jul '05 22:12
    i saw this and almost wanted to laugh. But i know it's true & there seems to be alot of marginal players on game sites.