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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member genius
    Wayward Soul
    30 Nov '04 14:57
    you are able to send these if your opponent hasn't moved in 2 or 3 days. wouldn't it be better if this differed on the length of the timeouts? e.g. it would not appear until 18 days if it was a 21 day timeout, 10 if it was 14 day etc...?
  2. Standard member pendejo
    30 Nov '04 15:10
    i have often thought it would be good if a reminder could only be sent it the timebank is being used or there was under 24hours until timeout was possible against an opponent.

    i have often hoped they could be turned off also.
  3. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    30 Nov '04 23:44
    Yes, I agree, the reminder-notification-option popping up should be variable depending on the time-out and / or timebank usage.
  4. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    01 Dec '04 08:00
    The option NOT to receive reminders at all would be great.
  5. Standard member thire
    01 Dec '04 09:42
    reminders have been discussed recently several times. I like them and their idea, but there should be clearer rules...
  6. 01 Dec '04 13:28
    me too!

    It's silly on a 21day timeout game to be sending your opponent a reminder (or getting one) after only 3 have elapsed.
  7. Standard member thire
    02 Dec '04 13:03
    right! and I wnat to know how many reminders I'va sent and ...
    BTW: It's possible to send a reminder even if there is not a link. Just enter the right url with the right gameid! (or shouldn't we do that?)
  8. Standard member Drax946
    The Chess Clan
    09 Dec '04 16:09 / 4 edits
    Originally posted by Aiko
    Yes, I agree, the reminder-notification-option popping up should be variable depending on the time-out and / or timebank usage.
    I know games can be created w/o a t/b, and I never tried to create one w/o a t/o period. I think the minumum would be 1 day t/o with a 0 t/b if I'm not mistaken. So something based on t/o would probably be more practical. A percentage like 75-90% maybe? The reminder scale would look somehting like this: (Hope this looks ok to you because it looked really bad when I pasted it from the spreadsheet before some added tabs)

    1 t/o (75%= 0.25 days or 6 hrs) (90% = 0.1 days or 2.4 hrs)
    3 t/o (75%= 0.75 days or 18 hrs) (90% = 0.3 days or 7.2 hrs)
    7 t/o (75%= 1.75 days or 42 hrs) (90% = 0.7 days or 16.8 hrs)
    14 t/o (75%= 3.5 days or 84) (90% = 1.4 days or 33.6 hrs)

    Another thing to think about is, if a guy is playing a 1 t/o he's probably at least a 1 move a day (most likely a multi or all day) kind of guy so 6 hrs (75% ) will let him at least have time to take a nice nap and a shower before his opponent could sent him a reminder on the game.

    What do you think?

    Edit: My pretty columns looked a mess after I posted it (tabs stripped) Hopefully this is readable.

    Just thought of something else which goes with this post. In the case of a t/o & a t/b, add the t/o and the t/b together as the basis for the percentages. Like a 1 t/o 3 t/b would have 4 as the base in which to calculate the % ! So 75% of that would be 1 day and 90% would be 9.6 hrs. This would definitely create a sliding scale for the reminder popping up on a game!

    I believe using the player's remaining t/b instead of the game t/b would be catering to the player too much!